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When pasting text over from Microsoft Word or another source text may have formatting that may not seem visually appealing on your website. In order to keep the text but remove the unwanted formatting:

  1. Open the article for editing.
  2. Highlight the undesirably formatted text.
  3. Click on the eraser icon that appears in the top row of the editor toolbar.  This will remove styling such as color, background, bold, italics.


  4. Save and close your article.
  5. Check the text from the front end. Be sure to clear your browser's cache or changes may not show.
  6. If formatting has not been removed, there may be some styling left in the HTML code.  We can assist clearing this out by way of an SAS-IT REQUEST.

Related:  If you wish to add any additional styling you can look at this documentation for more information: Styling Text and Paragraphs

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