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JCE Editor PRO features a new "Insert/Edit File" button that can be used to quickly upload and link to a file while editing an article.  For websites with a small number of PDF files, this is a good alternative to DOCman.

If you anticipate that your website will need to include dozens of files, DOCman is a better option, since it allows you to move and rename documents without breaking any links to them. 


  • Select an article to edit following steps 1-3 of Basic Editing (front-end).
  • Click the "Insert/Edit File" button:JCE link
  • The "File Manager" popup window appears (see below)
  • Select the folder where the file will be uploaded:
    • To upload to an existing folder, browse to and select the folder (see #1 below)
    • To upload to a new folder:
      • Browse to the folder where the new folder should be located (see #1 below)
      • Click New Folder (see #2 below)
      • Enter a name for the folder in the New Folder popup window.  Do not use spaces or any special characters other than a dash ("-")
      • Click Create
      • Click on the new folder you created
    • Click the Upload icon (see #3 below)

    JCE Editor Pro: Browse to folder, "New Folder" icon, "Upload" icon
  • Upload the file:
    • After clicking Upload, the "Upload" popup window appears (see below)
    • Click Browse to the lower right (see #1 below)
    • Select one or more files from your computer, then click Upload (see #2 below)
      JCE Editor Pro File Browser: "Upload" window: "Browse" and "Upload" buttons
  • Create the link to the file:
    • Select the file you uploaded (see #1 below)
    • Replace the filename in the "Text" field with a short description of the file.  This will appear in your article as text linking to the file (see #2 below)
    • Click Insert to the lower right (see #3 below)

      JCE Editor Pro File Manager: Select file, enter title, click "Insert" button
  •  Your file will appear as linked text within your article.



The link to your file will look like:

pdfCampus Map

  • Video Included: Video Included