This is 'general' information on how you can edit Courses on your website.  If you need further assistance specific to your site, please create a REQUEST so we can assist you.

 1. Login into the front end of the website via the button at the bottom of the website


2. Once logged in scroll down to the User Menu on the left side and click on Edit Course Descriptions. (This may differ depending on your site)

  • If your site does not display a 'user menu' when logged in, please create a REQUEST requesting that we create one for you, and what content you would like to easily edit on the front end.


3. Click on the Edit button for whichever course you are looking to edit.  edit

4. Content Tab

  • This contains the TITLE for the article, which is displayed on the website
  • Description content (which may contain detailed information about the article)


5. Course Fields Tab

  • This tab contains specifics about the course
  • Each department may have decided to store different details about the course
  • To determine what is needed, check this tab on a course that already exists


4. Publishing Tab

  • This tab contains information about the CATEGORY (which should not be altered)
  • Tags, the tags may vary by department depending on how the information is displayed
  • Check a similar course to determine what tags could be used
  • This also shows if the course is PUBLISHED or NOT PUBLISHED (not published will not appear on the website)