This is 'general' information on how you can edit Courses on your website.  If you need further assistance specific to your site, please create a REQUEST so we can assist you.

1. Login to the back end of your site by using the sites link with /administrator added onto it for example


2. Click on Content on the top bar and a menu should pop up where you should click on categories.


3. Look for the Category that says Course Descriptions and click on the green button with a number in it on the right side.


4. Choose the course you would like to update.


5. Edit Content Tab

  • This contains the TITLE for the article, which is displayed on the website
  • Description content (which may contain detailed information about the article)


6. Course Fields Tab

  • This tab contains specifics about the course
  • Each department may have decided to store different details about the course
  • To determine what is needed, check this tab on a course that already exists


 7. Publishing Tab

  • Here you can change all publishing options.
  • Check a similar course to check how it should be used.