Extensions (Modules, Plugins & Components)

Editing a Community Builder profile
Overview: What is DOCMan?
Changing Ordering Options for DOCman Menu Items and Modules
Creating a "DOCman - Documents" module
Creating and Using Categories in DocMan (Joomla! 3.x)
Linking to DocMan Documents (Joomla! 3.x)
Listing DOCman Documents within an Article
Unpublishing and Re-Publishing a Document
Updating DOCman Documents with New Files (Joomla! 3.x)
Uploading and Publishing Documents using DOCman (Joomla! 3.x)
Uploading Multiple Files using DocMan (Joomla! 3.x)
Chronoforms: Adding a CAPTCHA to a Form
Chronoforms: Configuring a form to send email
Chronoforms: Create a new table for an existing form
Chronoforms: Embedding a Form within an Article
Chronoforms: Saving Data from a Form to a Data Table
Visforms: Overview
Chronoforms: Simple Form Setup
Visforms: Configuring a form to send email
Visforms: Creating a Form
Visforms: Form Fields
Visforms: Managing Data
Visforms: Saving and viewing data
Ignite Gallery Overview
Adding Videos to Ignite Gallery - Youtube/Vimeo
Adding Videos to Ignite Gallery (Kaltura)
Creating Categories in Ignite Gallery
Creating Profiles in Ignite Gallery
Displaying Galleries with Menu Items
Displaying Galleries within Articles
Editing Image Details
Managing Galleries from the Front End
Uploading Images
Resetting pictures displayed by Latest News Enhanced
Reordering Articles in Latest News Enhanced
Creating an RU Courses Module
Uploading syllabi files as links within RU Courses modules
Smart Slider 2: Unpublishing a slide
Smart Slider 2: Adding an image to a new slide
Smart Slider 2: Creating Sliders (Manual Slider method)
Smart Slider 2: Adding the "Ken Burns" Effect to a slide
Smart Slider 2: Deleting a slide
Smart Slider 2: Duplicating a Text Layer
Smart Slider 2: Modifying a slide
Smart Slider 2: Reordering slides
Smart Slider 2: Updating Sliders