How to edit your profile:

  1. Click the Login link located at the "footer" or bottom of the page:

    Login link in Footer menu

  2. Login using your Rutgers NetID and password:

    Rutgers CAS login

  3. Look for a link called "CB Profile Edit," "Edit Profile," "Edit My Profile," or something similar, on either the footer menu or the sidebar (right-side) menu (usually labelled User Menu).  The text and location of the menu item will vary depending on your website's configuration. If you cannot find the link, please submit a REQUEST.  Once you find the link, click on it.  

    Sidebar menu link example:

    Sidebar menu "Edit profile" link

    Footer menu link example:

    Footer menu "Edit profile" link

  4. Edit your profile by entering text in text fields or text boxes, and by selecting items from checkboxes or dropdown menus:

    Community Builder: Edit your details

  5. There may be several tabs containing additional fields you can edit (a group of tabs is shown by area #1 below).  After you make the changes to the fields listed under one tab, click another tab (for example, "Person Details 4" shown by #2 below) to continue editing your profile:

    Community Builder: "Edit your details" page with tabs
  6. When done, click Update at the bottom (#3 above) to save your profile.
  7. Logout from the website by clicking the Logout link in the Footer menu at the bottom of the website:

    Logout link in Footer menu

Note: If you need to edit someone else's profile you will have to do so through the Administrative Control Panel. If you do not have access you will have to submit a confidential REQUEST requesting your login credentials.