If you have the Visforms component installed on your website and you have forms that are configured to save the results, you should have a plan for managing that data. Often times the data is sensitive and should not remain in the website database indefinitely.

To check if you have data:

  1. If you will be accessing the data from a network outside of Rutgers, first log into a VPN connection or to a computer located on campus using remote access.
  2. Login to the administrator interface.
  3. select Visforms from the Components menu.
  4. Click Forms. Then see if you have a number in the Data column for each form. That's the number of data submissions there are for that form. If you do have data it's easy to export it to Excel and then delete it from the database.
  5. Start by clicking on the number in the Data column for the associated form.
  6. At the top of the Form Data screen the default the number of records displayed is set to 20. In order to display all of the submitted records, select a number higher than the total number of records.
  7. Select all the Unpublished records and click Publish.
  8. Then select all the records and click the Export button.
  9. Click OK and the export will open in Excel.
  10. Verify that the records you selected to export are found in the Excel.
  11. Choose File|Save As, select a folder destination, make the File Name more descriptive, change Save As Type to Excel Workbook, click Save.
  12. Finally, select all the records you exported and click Delete.

For more on Visforms, see the Forms section of our How To Guides.