These instructions will help duplicate and edit a text layer.

Find Smart Slider 2

  • Go to Components -> Smart Slider 2:

Components -> Smart Slider 2

Select the Slideshow

  • Click the name of the slider/slideshow to be edited (e.g. "Homepage Slideshow").

Select the Slide

  • Click the slide to be edited.

Copying Layers

There may be several layers for each slide.  Some layers will contain images, text, possibly a combination of both, or something else.  The layers may have a descriptive name or will be named by default something like "Layer #1".

If layers have descriptive names:

Use the "Active Layer" dropdown to select the layer to be copied, then skip to Duplicating the layer

If layers do not have descriptive names:

Try clicking the Item (text, image, etc) you'd like to copy in the slide's preview window that shows on the right to find the layer containing the Item to be copied:

  • Click the Item to be copied.
  • After clicking the Item to be copied, click the Layer button (left side). The name of the Layer containing the Item to be copied should appear to the right of Active layer.

SmartSlider2: Copy Object Layer 


Duplicating the Layer containing the Item to be copied:

  • Click the icon that looks like stacked boxes to duplicate the Layer.
  • The new layer will become the active layer.  It will have the same name as the original layer, but with " - copy" after it (for example, "Layer #1 - copy")

smart slider dupliacate layer


Change the Layer name:

  • Change the new Layer's name so that it is easy to distinguish later.

smart slider change layer name


Adjusting the appearance of the text in the new Layer:

  • Click the text to edit.
  • Adjust the appearance of the text.  Refer to other slides for settings in terms of font sizes and colors.  
  • Click SAVE to the upper right to save your changes.

smart slider edit layer text 

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