This procedure describes how to add the "Ken Burns" motion effect (slow zooming in) to a slide in SmartSlider2. 

Note: this effect can only be applied to images that are in image layers, and not to images that are set as a background image.


Select the slide to edit

  1. Go to Components > SmartSlider2:
    Components > SmartSlider2
  2. Click the name of the slider/slideshow to be edited:
    Select slider containing slide to edit

  3. On the left, a list of individual slides will appear. Click on the slide you want to edit:
    SmartSlider2: Select slide to edit

  4. You will now be at the Slide Settings page for the slide you want to edit.

Edit the slide

  1. Click the image layer under the "Slide" area to the bottom (see #1 below).
  2. On the left, find "Image item settings" (see #2 below) and scroll to the bottom.  If "Image item settings" does not appear, the image is most likely a background image and cannot get the "Ken Burns" effect.

    SmartSlider2: Select image layer

  3. Find the "Ken burns" section to the lower left (see #1 below).
  4. Change "Enabled" to "On" (see #2 below).
  5. Click "Save" to the upper right (see #3 below).

    SmartSlider2: Enable "Ken Burns" effect

  6. When you refresh the page containing the slideshow, you should now notice that the slider will slowly zoom into the image that you enabled the "Ken Burns" effect for.