Policies, procedures and important information for SAS Technicians working on Douglass Campus.

Basic Information:

Regina B. Heldrich Science Building Tech Room (205)

  • Please keep the office as neat as possible. 

  • Keep the floor as clear as you can so Cleaning Services can vacuum.

  • Throw away or recycle unneeded items (bottles, newspapers, etc).

  • Stacey (HSB 205) has the keys to open up this office. When Stacey is not in, please go to room 100 for access.  If you borrow a set of keys, please make sure you return it by the end of the day!

  • Keep all software media in the cabinet when not in use.

  • When you are done installing software for a department's computers, please remember to return the software licenses and media to the department so they can keep track of what software they own.

  • Keep the cabinet locked when nobody will be in the office.

  • When the last full-time staff member in the tech room leaves for the day, any technicians still around must also leave the suite. (This is because part-time employees may not hold office keys).  You can log out of the Timeclock system from the field. 

IP Addresses

When setting up a computer that needs a new IP address, please submit a REQUEST with the following information:

  • MAC address
  • MAC address and IP Address of computer being replaced (if applicable)
  • Building
  • Room number
  • Port number
  • User name
  • Department 

For more information see:  Douglass Campus Network Information


If you have a REQUEST in your queue that has not been completed, and you won't be in the next business day, please put it in your supervisor's queue - unless the requestor can wait until you are back for the problem to be resolved. If you have been corresponding with the requestor via email, let me know that you won't be in and that someone else will follow up with them

Please don't hold REQUESTs open to wait for the user to confirm things are working.  If you believe you have resolved the problem, simply close the REQUEST, and include a description in the log entry of what you did to resolve the problem.  The user will receive the log entry as an email, and can always click the link in the email to re-open the REQUEST if the problem persists.


SAS Computer Support charges Non-SAS departments for support services. When handling REQUESTs with "(Non SAS)" in the department name, it is imperative that you follow these procedures:

These departments have been instructed to place a separate REQUEST for each computer that needs service, and in addition, the serial number field needs to be accurate. (This will be our internal # for billing purposes)  If the serial number has not been filled out correctly, make sure you update this information when you complete the REQUEST.

Since we will bill these departments by the hour, you need to complete the "Work Completed" hours field, in the REQUEST system, a accurately as possible, following these simple rules: 

  1. Travel time is included in the total amount of hours
  2. Billing is done in half-hour increments with a minimum of 1 hour per REQUEST
  3. The total amount of hours needs to be a reasonable figure that indicates actual work done to complete the REQUEST.
    Please remember to be as professional as possible when working in these departments. Keep in mind that these departments are paying us for service, which increases our responsibility to avoid mistakes or errors.

Local Usernames:

  • PCs: When setting up a new PC, make sure the primary user’s local Windows username matches the user’s Net ID.

  • Macs: The Mac OS "short name" should match the Net ID. 

PC Setup Checklist: 

Physical Security

  • Please lock offices after working on computers.
  • If you borrow a key to get into an office, make sure you lock the door when you're done on the computer.  Make sure you lock all locks, including deadbolts and door knobs, if more than one lock is on the door.
  • If departmental staff lets you in to work on a computer, please let them know as soon as you're done so they can lock the door after you.

RJ-45 Wiring Schemes:

We have a crimping tool, spool of CAT-5 cable, RJ-45 ends, and cable strippers.  Here is a diagram of RJ-45 Wiring Schemes.

Safety Issues

If you encounter dangerous conditions on sidewalks or driveways such as ice, snow, or other hazards, please follow these steps:

  • Contact Facilities and let them know so they can address the situation.  The "Service Request Form for the Cook/Douglass Campus" is located online at: https://apps.ufcp.rutgers.edu/CR/Login?ReturnUrl=%2fcr. Alternately, you can call: 848-445-3000.
  • Look for an alternate route
  • If you are carrying equipment such as computers or monitors between buildings (regardless of weather conditions) please use the hand truck in the tech room to minimize your chance of slipping
  • If there is no alternate route, reschedule the REQUEST until Facilities can address the situation (for example, cleaning ice or snow)

Sanitizing computers going to Surplus

If any computers are going to surplus, the hard drives must be sanitized to erase any confidential or Non-Private Personal Information (NPPI).  You should boot the computer with a Darik's Boot and Nuke CD and let Darik's Boot and Nuke erase all the date.  There should be some Darik's Boot and Nuke CDs in the tech closet.

Use of Computers (Tech Room)

Please be advised that computers, computer equipment, and software media are intended for work usage.  Use of computers to copy music CDs, download illegal mp3's or unlicensed software, or any other action that violates the Acceptable Use Policy will be considered cause for termination.

Using the Timeclock system

The Technician Timeclock system can be accessed via the following link: Time Clock. Please follow these policies regarding the timeclock:

  • You should always clock in and clock out from a computer in the tech room.  If you are in the field and have to leave after finishing a REQUEST, you can clock out from a computer in the department you are working in.
  • Do not clock in or out from home! If you have forgotten to clock in or out, let your supervisor know as possible so your hours can be corrected
  • You should clock out for lunch break (12 noon) and clock back in at 1pm if lunch hour falls within your shift.

Work-Study Students

Students are not allowed to study during work hours.  This is a legal requirement necessary for Rutgers to obtain Federal Work/Study funding.  Please do not study while you are clocked in at work.  If things are slow, please ask your supervisor to find something for you to do. 

Emergency preparedness

Rutgers emergency procedures assume that each facility will have a departmental emergency procedure plan.  The SAS Business Office has provided us with some supplies in case an event occurs that requires us to remain in Ruth Adams Building for a period of time until departure is considered safe.

We have some emergency supplies in the office suite, including a first aid kit, flashlight, battery operated radio, and other supplies.

Those of you that are students may also have access to other University resources in the event of an emergency. For more information, please consult the Office of Emergency Management web site at:

Office of Emergency Management