Procedure for PCs:

1.  On your computer, download and launch the viewer program from or

2.  Instruct your user to visit, enter in your IP address, and click Go.  The user should download the remoteControl.vbs file that gets generated to their desktop, double-click the remoteControl.vbs file, and click "Open".

3.  In a few moments, you should see a vnc prompt asking you for a password.  (Sometimes this window does not show on top of others.  Watch your taskbar for the new icon or minimize all your other windows.)   You will need to enter the standard password to start the remote session.

4. When you are finished with your remote control session, close your viewer program and instruct your user to right-click the "eye" in the system tray and choose Close VNC.

Procedure for Macs:

1. Direct your user to and have them type in the ip of
your workstation and hit go.

2. Set up your vnc viewer to listen on port 5500 and have your Mac user launch the downloaded applescript named remoteControl.

3. The script will download a vnc server to the Mac's desktop, launch it and make a connection to your workstation.

4. Once you close the session, the server on the mac will shutdown and be moved to the trash.