SAS File Servers

The School of Arts and Sciences uses the Rutgers Active Directory (RAD) for file and print sharing:

  • File Sharing –The sharing of computer data or space on the network. File sharing allows a number of people to use the same file or files with different levels of access privilege
  • Print Sharing –The sharing of printers on the network, which allows for printing redundancy in the event of printer failure
  • File Storage – Data can be stored on the server in a private or public location. Private locations can only be accessed by you while data stored in a public location can be accessed by anyone who has privileges to that data
  • File Server Backup – Data on the server is backed up regularly to prevent loss of data due to a system failure

Using Your NetID

  • Faculty and staff are assigned at NetID during on-boarding. The NetID is a username/password that is used for many University-wide resources, including your own data, so keep it safe.
  • Campus-specific instructions on how to maintain your NetID are available on NetID information page.

Site-Licensed Software

  • Software is offered to all faculty, staff and students for use on University owned computers and in some cases home computers
  • Antivirus software is available at no cost to Rutgers faculty, staff and students
  • OIT has contracted with various vendors to offer a variety of applications and system software at discounted prices exclusively to faculty and staff.
  • A complete list of licensed software, pricing and download instructions can be found at

System Security

It is critical to protect the access and integrity of computing resources. It is against university policy to attack or interfere with another system. The following practices should be followed in an effort to protect your system:

  • Use antivirus software and update it regularly
  • Open email attachments only if you are expecting them
  • Apply updates to Windows, Mac OS and Linux, as well as associated application software
  • Disable file sharing options
  • Back up important data onto other media, such as CDs or external encrypted hard drives
  • Keep your original software installation media just in case you need to rebuild your system
  • Use firewall software for added security
  • Do not leave your computer unattended in an unlocked room
  • Use a password protected screen saver

For more information, visit

Connecting to Rutgers networks from off-campus

• To access resources that are restricted to Rutgers faculty, staff and students, you must use a technology called a “Virtual Private Network” (VPN). The necessary software to setup VPN comes with recent versions of Windows and Mac.
• The software is also available at, as well as setup instructions.


There are two "mass email" facilities in place at Rutgers, one (RAMS) is strictly for administrative and official course mailing lists. The other (listserv) is for University affiliated ad hoc mailing lists.
There are a number of email lists already in place for those involved in computing at Rutgers. They tend to be subject or technology specific. They are all served from the listserv server and can be subscribed to using the same method. Send an email to with the following in the body of the message:


Listname shoud be replaced by the name of the list (see below) to which you want to subscribe.

pc_lan_admins - A low volume discussion list for administrators of PC based servers/networks (not limited to Microsoft).

apple_admins - A low volume discussion list for administrators of Macintosh based servers/networks.

linux_admin - A low volume discussion list for administrators of Linux based servers/networks.

netware_admins - A low volume discussion list for administrators of Netware servers/networks.

unix_admin - A low volume discussion list for administrators of Unix based servers and networks (predominantly, but not limited to Solaris).

security_admins - A low volume discussion list for network security issues.

net_people - A method by which the Telecommunications Division distributes announcements concerning network outages, maintenance schedules, and general information pertaining to the University network.

network_admin - A method by which the Telecommunications Division distributes announcements

video_admins - A forum for all things video, including streaming, multicasting, video conferencing for both room and desktop, as well as uses of RU-TV and much more concerning University network specific information.

web_announce - offers periodic updates to decision-makers and information providers involved in creating the Rutgers web presence.

web_developers - Provides information of value to designers and programmers about the university's presence.

web_managers - Provides tips and tutorials for novice web developers such as administrators and other personnel assigned to manage unit/department web sites.

Most, if not all of the above lists are "private" which means the list owner will have to process your subscription request and the email address from which you email to the list much be the same one that is subscribed to the list. This is done to keep the lists limited to Rutgers only people and keeps out spam.

The Online Directory

The Rutgers Online Directory is a central directory listing faculty, staff, and students at Rutgers
University. It is intended to act as an online telephone directory and email directory. Most of the information comes from official administrative data. All full-time faculty and staff should be listed. However, in a few cases where faculty and staff are not paid by Rutgers in the usual way, they are not listed. Almost all registered students are listed. However, it is possible for a student to request either their entire entry or individual items to be omitted from display.

Students have the option of hiding all or part of their information displayed on Rutgers Online Directory by accessing Student Online Directory Management page. If the Student Online Directory Management page is not accessed after a grace period of 2 weeks into the semester, then all information will be displayed on the Rutgers Online Directory. If a student is continuing (i.e. not new this year), whatever settings were in effect in the past for that student will continue unless changed by the student using the online update form available from the main Finding People screen or by accessing Student Online Directory Management page.

To correct your information in the Rutgers Online Directory, follow instructions here.

Using the Online Directory

The easiest way to look someone up in the directory is through the main Rutgers web page. At the upper left corner of most pages, you'll see "Find: People". That will take you to the online directory search screen.  Search tips are available at the Directory homepage.  If you are logged into a UNIX system at Rutgers, you can also look up information in the online directory using the program "wpwhois".

Making Changes to Data

To update your information in the Online Directory, follow instructions here.

Student information that is not on that form should be changed through the Registrar:

  • Camden (856) 225-6053
  • Newark (973) 353-5324
  • New Brunswick (848) 445-2778


If you need help regarding changing information in the directory, contact the Help Desk on your campus (see