We have received a number of questions about how to fill out the RUMigrated web page so we've created this guide.

The RUMigrated page is a tool to collect information and is not causing anything to happen immediately.  The information collected will be reviewed by OIT and local IT support staff as we plan for the migration of each group's mail.  The information on the primary account will be used to determine which account will be migrated by the contracted vendor and the information about the secondary accounts will be used by local IT staff to assist you in migrating any data needed from those accounts.  Nothing is happening immediately and the information will be reveiwed before any action is taken.

You can return to this page to update the information if anything changes, however, the software intentionally doesn't re-display the information in certain fields (like the comment boxes).  Don't be alarmed, this information is being saved, it's simply not being redisplayed so you have a blank slate to enter new information should an update be necessary.

After logging into the software you'll be presented with the following page.  The relevant section has been extracted and some colored highlights added as a guide:

rumigrated first

First you'll need to select your primary Rutgers mail address.  If you see the e-mail address that you use to read mail in the blue box, click the button next to it on the left.  If your primary address isn't there then move to the red box. If your primary e-mail account is here at Rutgers (the address ends in .rutgers.edu) you should enter it in in the box that says "Specify another Rutgers email address.  If you're using an account outside of Rutgers, like Gmail, then you have two choices.  You can either select "I choose not to have any of my data migrated to Rutgers Connect by OIT" and allow your local IT staff to handle the migration or, you can specify your most frequently used Rutgers address in either the blue or red boxes as detailed above.

The question in the yellow box allows you to specify whether or not you handle Protected Health Information.  If you're not sure what this is you can click on the link to read more about it.  If you're still in doubt, choose No and ask your local IT support staff for more information.

Note: The orange box shows where mail sent to  is being delivered.  This is also where e-mail addressed to vanity addresses like  are being delivered.

After you've completed the first screen click Submit and you'll presented with the screen below:

rumigrated second

Across the top in the blue box you'll see all of the e-mail addresses that appeared on the previous screen.  You can click on each of these addresses to provide additional information.

The questions:

Does this account handle PHI information - When you were asked this on the front page, you were answering for your primary account.  Here you're answering it for the individual account you've selected.

Will you need data from this account in Rutgers Connect - Answer No to this question if you don't need this this account.  If you want mail sent to this e-mail address forwarded or you want the mail from this account copied to Rutgers Connect, answer Yes.  If you choose Yes, you'll be asked if you are going to move your data to your primary account before migration.  If you want to consolidate all your mail into one account now then answer Before, otherwise answer After.

Do you have a point of contact for technical issues - Everyone in SAS has a technical support person so you should choose Yes.  You will then be asked to enter their e-mail address or name.  If you're unsure who that is you can enter SAS IT, otherwise enter their name.

Are you forwarding data from this account to any other e-mail accounts - If you're forwarding mail from the selected account to some other account, choose Yes and then specify the address or addresses to which mail is forwarded. For example, if you forward your mail from RCI to your SAS account you can enter your SAS e-mail address here.  Likewise, if your forwarding to an external gmail account, you can enter that here as well.

The box at the bottom allows you to enter any comments that you think your local IT support person might need to know about this account.  Feel free to enter any other information here you wish.

After you selected each of the accounts across the top (in the blue box) and entered the required information, click Done to submit your form.