OIT has purchased a Mobile Device Management System (MDM) called Workspace One (WS1) to manage all the Mac computers at the University. SAS-IT will be standardizing on using this system to manage and maintain all of our Macs going forward.

When purchasing new Apple Macintosh computers please work with Kite & Key to get the new computers placed into the Apple School Manager program (ASM). To do this:

  • With your quote request, ask for Kite & Key to add a note to the quote for the system(s) to be added to ASM.
  • Send an email to Nicole Pisano () with the serial numbers of the Macs that need to be added to ASM.

At this time only Kite & Key can add Macs to ASM. Kite & Key can provide you with the system serial numbers as soon as the computers ship so you don’t have wait to physically receive the equipment.


Once you receive confirmation that your Macs have been placed into ASM, email the equipment serial number(s) to Rich Bochkay () or Steve Defeo () so they can assign them to the SAS WS1 server. Please complete these steps before booting up any new Macs.

After receiving confirmation from Rich or Steve that your new Macs have been assigned to our server, please follow these steps:

  1. Connect the Mac to your local subnet or home network either over wireless or ethernet. Boot up the computer. The Welcome screen will appear and the United States will be selected as the default location. Click Continue.

    Step 01: Welcome
  2. Choose your keyboard and click Continue.

    Step 02: Select your keyboard
  3. The next screen informs the user that the Mac will be managed by Rutgers University. Click Continue.

    Step 03: Remote management
  4. You will be prompted to authenticate with credentials. Login with your RAD account - the username must be in the format of rad\NetID. You do not need to use an “-adm” account.

    Step 04: Authentication

  5. You will now be prompted to create a local computer account. This account will have admin rights.

    Step 05: Create a computer account

  6. The Mac will enter into the setup assistant. The enrollment profile will suppress all the setup questions such as setup iCloud, submit reports to Apple, enable Siri, etc.

    Step 06: Setting up your Mac

  7. After the setup assistant completes, login as either tech or the account you created during setup. A program called Intelligent Hub will launch in the background and will automatically install Cisco AnyConnect.

    Step 07: Intelligent Hub

    If you are configuring a Mac from off-campus, go to /Applications/Cisco and launch AnyConnect – then connect to vpn.rutgers.edu.

    Step 08: Launch AnyConnect
  8. Go to /Applications/Utilities and launch Terminal. Enter "sudo managedsoftwareupdate" and press [Enter]. Munki will run and retrieve all the software available in the Production Catalog.

    Step 08: Launch Terminal

  9. After managedsoftwareupdate has finished retrieving the Production catalog, enter "sudo managedsoftwareupdate --installonly". Munki will then install our standard Mac software suite.

    Step 09: Enter "sudo managedsoftwareupdate -installonly"

  10. After Munki finishes installing all the software, the Mac is ready for use. Additional optional admin scripts (join_ad.sh and rutgers ldap.app) are installed in /Users/Shared. Run these if you want to join to RAD or use ldap for authentication.

    Step 10: Run additional optional admin scripts


Managing Macs enrolled in Workspace One

  1. Open a web browser and go to https://rutgers.awmdm.com

    Managing Macs - Go to https://rutgers.awmdm.com
  2. Once logged in, click on List View. Here you will see a list of all Macs enrolled in WS1 for SAS.

    Managing Macs - List View

    We are working on making all UCMs Console Administrators for their departments in WS1. Once that phase is completed, you’ll be able to click on School of Arts and Science at the top of the screen and select your assigned department from the drop-down menu. That will take you to the Macs being managed by WS1 for the selected department. We plan to provide training on the Console Administrator management tools at a later date. Managing Macs - Select your assigned department from the drop-down menu