SAS Management Data Disclosure

The Data Collection Details below pertain only to computers running Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. The software used to manage mobile devices is administered by OIT. SAS IT has no control over the data collected and, under normal circumstances, no access to the information.

The details below are a summary of the data that is collected across all the software packages listed. For more information about the data collected by each package, please visit the link that is provided. It’s also important to remember that just because a system can collect data doesn’t mean that we’re collecting it. For example, WorkspaceOne can collect a great deal of mobile device data, but SAS IT doesn’t use that software on mobile devices so those fields are blank in our systems.

Not all the software below is being used on every system. Software has been deployed in different ways over time and somewhat differently in each department. Our goal is to standardize our method, but some flexibility is always required to meet specific needs.

The summary below includes the data we are using in the management of systems.

Data Collection Methods (* System is administered by OIT)

Management SoftwareWindowsMacLinux
VMWare Workspace ONE*   X  
Munki   X  
Cisco Secure Endpoint* X X  
Quest KACE* X X  
Sassafras AllSight* X X X
Zabbix     X
Nagios     X
Samhain     X
Auditd     X
Log aggregation     X


Data Collected

Computer configuration details

  • Computer name
  • Serial Number
  • Machine Model and Description
  • Operating System Version and Patch Level
  • Memory
  • Processor Cores
  • Architecture
  • CPU Speed
  • Hardware UUID
  • Account Listing
  • Changes to system files
  • Log File Data
  • BIOS and Firmware Versions


  • Available storage (drives/mount points)
  • Media types (SSD, USB, etc)
  • Volume Type (NTFS, ext4, etc)
  • Free Space
  • Total Media Size
  • Encryption Status
  • Drive SMART status


  • Installed package names and versions
  • Available software catalog
  • Installation warnings and errors
  • Program file locations

Status & Usage

  • Last seen date and time
  • Uptime
  • Machine group
  • System registration date
  • Current System Status (e.g. In use/off/etc)
  • Certificate Status
  • Certificate Details
  • Performance Details (CPU & Memory utilization, etc)
  • Last Login Date and Time
  • Last Logged in User
  • System Owner
  • Memory usage
  • TPM Module Details (Trusted Platform Module)
  • AMT Details (Remote Management Systems)
  • Last Agent Check-In
  • Running Processes
  • Startup Programs
  • Anti-Malware status


  • Wifi Network
  • IP Address
  • MAC Address
  • CC
  • Host name


  • Battery status
  • AC Power Status

Vendor Specific information (dependent on vendor allowing automatic lookup)

  • Asset number
  • Warranty Status
  • Registration date

Information that is NOT collected

  • Personal data (other than login information)
  • GPS or other location data
  • Keystroke or mouse movement information
  • Webcam images
  • Microphone audio