Our staff is qualified in a number of different areas of technology ranging from different types of computer hardware to different operating systems to programming languages. If you are interested in buying a new computer, setting up a server, designing a computer lab, authoring software or any number of other IT based services, please contact us.

When making any type of IT purchase, the SAS IT office should be your first call.  Our staff can help you decide on the right equipment to purchase by providing information that might not be otherwise available.  For example, our staff has access to confidential vendor roadmaps so we sometimes know when new models are about to be released.

Even if you know exactly what you want, we can review your request and make sure that we get you the best pricing based on available state contracts and discounts.  This is the reason that all IT related purchases should be approved by an IT staff member before being entered into the purchasing system.

The SAS IT Office is also available to assist in an advisory capacity.  Whether you are seeking assistance purchasing a new tablet, designing a new server or writing a grant proposal, SAS IT office personnel are available to assist.

We have staff highly trained in different types of hardware, software, operating systems, networks and storage technologies.  In addition to providing assistance with the design of your own system, we can also advise as to whether any existing systems at Rutgers might serve your needs more cheaply, efficiently and quickly.


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