• Amarel, Caliburn

In addition to our standard support offerings, the School of Arts and Sciences IT office provides support for computer connected instruments and other devices that are used by researchers. We also maintain specialty servers that host custom applications and perform functions specific to individual research projects. These servers include a web cluster that is configured to handle the complex coding and large data storage needs and a replicated, high performance NAS device for storing research data. 

The SAS IT office has also partnered with the Office of Advanced Research Computing (OARC) to provide High Performance Computing (HPC) services to our faculty and students. While the SAS does maintain some legacy HPC clusters, we encourage the use of the centrally managed clusters.

OARC maintains a staff that includes technicians and research scientists to assist researchers in the use of their systems. Their condo model clusters allow for nodes to be purchased that are immediately and completely available when needed while allowing them to be shared among all cluster participants when not being fully utilized.

Their efforts include:

  • High-end research computing and networking, such as supercomputers and large-scale clusters, data-analytics platforms, domain-specific platforms, experimental platforms, science DMZs, and others
  • Research data stores and data archives as well as data-management expertise
  • Integration with national (and international) cyberinfrastructure such as XSEDE, OSG, GENI, I2, ESNET, and others
  • Visualization and visual-analytics platforms
  • ACI-driven multi-disciplinary research
  • Expertise in ACI including systems management, software development and sustainability, computation and data
  • ACI-related training and outreach
  • Linkages to computation-oriented academic units and research institutes/centers at Rutgers

Please contact us for more information about research and high performance computing.


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