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You should have received an e-mail from OIT yesterday (Tuesday 2/8) asking you to visit

This web page was developed to help gather information for the upcoming migration to Rutgers Connect, which is the name for the new Office 365 based e-mail and calendaring system. It is important that everyone visit this page and provide the requested information. This page will remain up throughout the process and you'll be able to return to it later to provide updated information if necessary. For now, it is important that you get your information in as soon as possible as it will help us with the planning process.

Rutgers has engaged the services of a vendor to assist us with the migration of approximately 30,000 e-mail accounts. That vendor will only be moving one mailbox per user so, if you have more than one account, other migrations will be handled by your local IT staff. The RUMigrated web page allows you to verify the information we have about your e-mail, specify which account is primary and provide us with any corrections or other information that you want us to know.

Please keep in mind that President has stated that all Rutgers faculty and staff business must be conducted through a single email system and that system is Rutgers Connect. If you are using non-Rutgers accounts (e.g. Gmail, Yahoo, etc) for Rutgers business, you should provide that information as well and we'll help you move those messages.

We have created a new page on the SAS IT site where we will post updated, SAS specific, information about this process. You can access this page using the following link:

For information from OIT about the project, please see:

- Tom 

Thomas J. Vosseler -- Executive Director of Information Technology
School of Arts and Sciences --
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey