Wednesday 7/27/2016 - Math users please test your login to Rutgers Connect

Email accounts for users in Math have now been created in Rutgers Connect so it's time for everyone to make sure they can login.

If you haven't changed your NetID password since January 15th, you will need to change that password immediately. If you need to change your NetID password, it will take approximately 15 minutes for the password change to sync to Rutgers Connect because this is the first time the password is being saved in the new  system. In the future, the sync will be virtually instantaneous. You can  change your NetID password using the following page:

Please test logging in to Rutgers Connect using the following page:

Your username will your .
This may differ from your e-mail address so be careful to use .

So, for example, user Jane Smith, with NetID js193 and email address
would login with .

Your password will be your NetID password.

The first time you login you will be asked to choose your default Time Zone. Please do so.

If you are unable to login please email or submit a REQUEST.

Checking to make sure your login works now will allow us to resolve any issues in advance of the cutover and will allow us to solve other issues more quickly on August 1st.

*Please _do not_ do anything else in this account at this time. The accounts are not set to receive mail so you cannot test them beyond making sure you can login.

We are on schedule to start copying mail from the current server on the 29th so please don't make any changes to your existing mailbox folders after tomorrow. You can continue to file, delete and send messages as you always have until the
actual cutover.

The actual cutover will take place on August 1st. When you check your mail on August 1st, you'll need to either login using the method specified above or reconfigure your mail client using the instructions that can be found here:

IT staff will be available both locally and remotely to assist users with any issues that might arise. Administrative staff Windows workstations that use Novell will have an icon that will reconfigure the system for you.

Once the cutover takes place, the ability to send and receive messages on the old mail server will be disabled. The mail server will remain online so you can view the mail that is there.

If you are interested in attending training, the first training session will be held in tomorrow, 7/28 at 1:30 pm in Hill Center Room 105. You can also view the online training materials using the following links:

Overall -
Mail -
Calendaring -

- Tom

Thomas J. Vosseler
Executive Director of Information Technology
School of Arts and Sciences
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey Scott Hall 226A | 43 College Avenue
New Brunswick, NJ 08901