Friday 7/22/2016 - User Verification Stage Complete

The user verification stage of the e-mail migration has been completed.  The information for the account migrations have been passed to OIT and the migration vendor so they can setup the accounts on the new system.  We've tentatively scheduled the migration of the data to begin on the 29th of August.  At this point an e-mail will be sent to remind users not to modify the folder structure in their existing accounts.

At this point no additional changes can be accepted to the migration information.  If additional changes are necessary they will be made after the migration has completed.

Users who are moving to Scarlet Mail will be contacted during the coming week to schedule the move of their data.

Soon users who have not changed their NetID password since January 15th will receive a notification from OIT that they are required to change it.  This allows your new password to be saved into Office 365 so that you can login.  Shortly after that users will receive an e-mail asking them to login to their new Rutgers Connect account just to make sure that logins work.  You will not being using the account at that time, the only reason for this login is to ensure that your account is functioning.