Tuesday 8/16/2016 - CRITICAL: Mail Cutover Tomorrow Morning 8/17


We anticipate that mail cutover will occur as scheduled tomorrow morning.  This means that early tomorrow morning all mail sent to physics.rutgers.edu addresses will be forwarded into Rutgers Connect.  You will still be able to read mail on the Physics mail server but no new e-mail will be delivered to the old system.

Once the forwarding has been setup, another mail copy will be initiated to copy over any mail that was received between the completion of the first sync and the cutover.  This means that you may see a few new messages in your old inbox that are not yet in your new one.  These messages will be transferred as the second sync process completes.

In order to access the new mail on your system immediately you can use Outlook Web Access:


Remember to login with as your username and your NetID password.

Instructions to reconfigure your mail client can be found here:

* Note: When connecting mobile devices (e.g. Android or IOS) you will be required to accept a mobile management policy.  This policy mandates that you have some type of password or swipe code on your device and makes it possible to erase your device (but only when you request it).  This is to protect Rutgers information that is stored on your phone.  If you do not wish to agree to the mobile management policy you can use http://connect.rutgers.edu in your device's mobile web browser to access Rutgers Connect mail on your device.

If you need assistance setting up your computer or mobile devices I will have additional staff in the department tomorrow morning to assist everyone.  If you are not on campus, please submit a REQUEST or send email to and someone will be in touch to help you remotely.

Mail Forwarding outside of Rutgers Connect

I've received a number of requests about setting up forwarding to outside addresses so I wanted to restate that this isn't permitted on Rutgers Connect.  Rutgers policy requires the use of Rutgers Connect so automatic forwarding to addresses outside of the system has been disabled.

I have also had several people ask me and other IT staff for assistance setting up ways around this forwarding restriction. Setting up any mechanism to automatically transfer mail to another system is also a violation of Rutgers policy, as a result staff are not permitted to assist or advise regarding these types of setups.

The currently published policy provision that governs the use of outside systems is in section 70.1.1-B.4 (http://policies.rutgers.edu/sites/policies/files/70.1.1%20-%20current.pdf).  Additionally, there is an already approved and soon to be published update to the Acceptable Use Policy that will further define this requirement.

Checking Your Email
Please take some time check your mail in Rutgers Connect.  You should make sure that you see all your messages in your inbox and all your mail folders.  You should also check to confirm that you have access to all the shared mailboxes that you had access to before.  If you think anything is missing, please let us know as soon as possible by sending e-mail or submitting a REQUEST (links below).

The old e-mail server will remain online for a few weeks to allow you to check the data in the old system against what you're seeing in the new system but it is important that you perform this verification as soon as possible.  You can use the old physics webmail client to view your old mail (http://webmail.physics.rutgers.edu).

If you have trouble accessing your mail on the new system please e-mail or submit a REQUEST.

Thank you
- Tom