• How to video:

  • Start by editing an article.
  • Click within the article to place the cursor where the gallery should appear.
  • Click the Gallery button under the text area to add a gallery:

    ig article
  • In the popup window, select the "Category" containing the images to be displayed within the gallery.
  • Select the "Profile" to specify how the gallery will appear.
  • Click Save.

    ig article 1
  • Your article will contain code that looks like the example below.
    • Code Layout: Id=3128 (this is just a unique number)
    • cid=1 (this is the Category ID)
    • pid=1 (this is the Profile ID)

      ig article 2
  • Save the article.


Sample result of embedding gallery in an article:

Ignite Gallery: Sample result of embedding gallery in an article

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