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  1. If you are not already at the image listing for an Ignite Gallery category, you can go there as follows:
    • From the back end Joomla! administrator interface, go to Components -> Ignite Gallery -> Categories.
    • Click Manage Images in the row for the category containing the images you'd like to edit.
  2. Click Edit in the Description or Tag column corresponding to the row for the image to be edited:

    ig edit

  3. In the Edit Image Details page, you can set the following:
    • Description (optional)
    • Tags (optional)
    • Image Alt Text (required for accessibility; a short description of the image that can be the same as the "Description")
    • Image Link (optional; allows you to link the image to another page or website)

      ig edit1

  4. If you want to replace an image with another one, click Browse to the right of "Change Image":

    ig edit2

    Then browse to the image on your computer and click Open.

  5. After editing all the details for an image, click Save And Next at the top to edit the details for the next image, or Save & Close when done.

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