1. From the back end Joomla! administrator interface, go to Components -> Ignite Gallery -> Categories.
  2. In the left side, Categories should be highlighted in blue, indicating you are in Category list view.
  3. Click Manage Images in the row for the category corresponding to the gallery you'd like to edit:

    ignite manage
  4. Drag images into the grey box labelled "Drag files here" or click "Browse", then browse to the images you want to upload:

    ignite manage 1

  5. Once you have selected all the images to be uploaded, click Start Upload.

    ignite manage 2

  6. Once the image appears in the list and is "Published" (i.e. the Published column shows a green check box for the image rather than a red circle), the image should appear in the gallery.
  7. Choose the Edit link in the image's Description column to edit the image details.  Documentation on editing the image details is here.

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