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Once an image has been added to an article, you can modify the image's properties such as its alternate text ("alt txt"), dimensions, alignment, and borders.


  1. Log into the Administrator interface using your NetID credentials.
  2. Find the article you want to edit and click on its title.
  3. Select the image, then click on the "Insert/Edit Image" icon:

    JCE Editor: "Insert/Edit" Image button
  4. In the "Image Manager" popup window, modify the image properties as follows:
    • Enter a short (less than 150 characters), accurate description of the image in the "Alternate Text" field (see #1 below). 
    • If your image is large, reduce either the first dimension (width in pixels) or the second dimension (height in pixels), and the other dimension will be reduced proportionally, as long as "Proportional" remains checked (see #2 below).
    • Set the "Alignment" to left or right to place the image to the left or the right of the surrounding text (see #3 below).
    • Uncheck "Equalize" to the right of the margin values (see #4 below).
    • Enter margin values to add some space between the images and the text (see #5 below):
      • For a left-aligned image, enter "10" for the right and bottom margins.
      • For a right-aligned image, enter "10" for the left and bottom margins.
    • Click Update to the lower right (see #6 below):

      JCE Editor: Image Manager

  5. When done modifying the images in your article, click Save & Close to the upper left. 
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