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You can use an "Articles - Category" module to display a list of articles from a category in a module position on your website.


For example, this site a separate article for each graduate course offering.  The course offering articles are separated into subcategories.

Example of "Articles - Category" module 


  1. In the Joomla! back-end (Control Panel), navigate to Extensions > Modules, then click the New button to create a new module:

    Screenshot 2023 03 20 at 3.53.40 PM
  2. For "Select a Module Type:" select "Articles - Category" (not "Articles - Categories"):
    Screenshot 2023 03 20 at 3.57.02 PM
  3. Enter a title for your module in the "Title" field.
  4. For "Position," click the dropdown menu, and select the desired module position.  For example, to display the module to the right of the content area, select "Sidebar-b [sidebar-b]".
  5. Click the "Menu Assignment" menu to specify which menu items will display your module
  6. Click the "Filtering Options" tab (see #1 below):
    • For "Count," select the number of articles to be displayed; to display all articles from the category, leave this as "0" (see #2 below)
    • Change "Featured Articles" from "Show" to "Hide" to hide featured articles; or to "Only" to display only featured articles (see #3 below)
    • Click in the "Category" field and select one or more categories whose articles should be displayed in the module (see #4 below)
    • If articles from a categories' subcategories should be displayed, change "Child Category Articles" to "Include" (see #5 below)

      Screenshot 2023 03 20 at 4.00.57 PM
  7. Click the "Ordering Options" tab.
  8. Select the option from "Article Field to Order By" based on how the articles should be ordered within the module.
    • For example, selecting "Article Field to Order By" to "Random" will display the articles in a random order every time the module is displayed.
    • To set your own order for the articles, select "Article Order," then refer to the procedure "Re-order Articles"

      "Articles - Category" module: "Ordering Options" tab
  9. Click the "Grouping Options" tab.
    • If you want the articles to be grouped within the module, select an option from the "Article Grouping" drop-down menu (see #1 below).
      • For example, selecting "Category" will group the articles into their subcategories.
    • Leave "Grouping Direction" as "Ascending" unless the article groups should be displayed in reverse order (see #2 below).

      "Articles - Category" module: Grouping options
  10. Click the "Display Options" tab.
    • By default, "Linked Titles" is set to "Yes," meaning you can click the article titles to be redirected to the corresponding articles. 
    • Additionally, you can display other elements from the articles, such as the date, category, intro text or a Read More link.
    "Articles - Category" module: "Display Options" tab
  11. When done, click Save & Close: Save & Close
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