This procedure explains how to create links to DOCman documents within articles, on web sites using the SAS Content Management System (CMS; Joomla! 3.x).

Linking to Documents:

  • Edit the article in which you want to create the link to the DocMan document (see: Editing Articles (Joomla! 3.x, front-end) - Basic Editing)
  • Click the "Document" button below the text area:

    DOCman: Document button

  • A popup window will appear.  Under "Menu Items and categories" on the left, click on the category containing the document you want to link to: (see #1 below).
  • Click on the name of the document you want to link to (see #2 below).
  • If the link text should differ from the document name, edit the text in the File name field on the right (see #3 below).
  • Click Insert document link (see #4 below).

    Inserting a DOCman document link
  • A link to the document will appear in your article.
  • Click the Save icon in the upper left corner of the page: Save button

    or click Save & Close to save your changes and close the article: Save and Close