This procedure describes how to embed a form within a Joomla! article using ChronoForms version 5.

The Chronoforms5 plugin must be installed and enabled on the website in order for this functionality to work.

Also, "Force HTTPS?" must be set to "Entire Site" in the Global Configuration for the website.  Do not collect data if HTTPS is not being enforced for the entire website.

Getting Started: Get the form name

  • Log into the Joomla! administrator page for your web site
  • Click on Components > ChronoForms5:

    Components > ChronoForms5
  • Ignore the message "Your ChronoForms installation on is NOT validated."  Chronoforms will still work.
  • In the Forms Manager, take note of the exact name of the form as it appears in the Form Name column.  The Form Name will appear above any Form description that may exist for the form.  The Form Name will appear as a link and will not have any spaces or special characters other than dashes or underscores. In the below example, the Form Name is "new-form-cf5" while the Form description is "New Chronoforms V5 Form."

    ChronoForms5: Form Name (appears above the optional "Form Description")
  • Select an article to edit following steps 1-3 of Editing Articles or create a new article.
  • Enter the following code within your article in the place where the forms should appear:

    { chronoforms5 }[form-name]{ /chronoforms5 }

    Do not type the spaces before or after the braces.  Replace [form-name] with the actual Form Name.  Your text box should then look like this:

    ChronoForms5: Embed a form within an article
  • If you are editing the article from the front end of the web site, click the Save button to the upper left to save your changes and close the article.
  • If you are working in the Joomla! Administrator, to save your changes and continue editing the article, click the Save button to the upper left: Save button
  • If you are working in the Joomla! Administrator, when you are done editing the article, click the Save & Close button to the upper left: Save & Close button
  • Your form will now appear within your article.