Dean's Office Staff

Dean's Office Staff

  • Academic Rank

    DESCRIPTION: The Academic Rank application allows SAS students in their junior or senior year to see their ranking within their graduation class. Application administrators are able to archive the ranking based on graduation year and update system configuration and templates.


    • SAS Dean's Office

    URL: Academic Rank

  • Celebration Registration

    DESCRIPTION: The Celebration Registration application was created to allow recent graduates to register for the October 2021 in-person 2020 & 2021 graduate celebrations. This application will soon be modified to become a more generic event registration system.


    • SAS Dean's Office

    URL: Celebration Registration

  • Course Catalog System

    DESCRIPTION: The purpose of the course catalog application is to streamline the process of adding, dropping, and editing SAS course catalog information. The application intends to accomplish this through automation and web accessibility.


    • SAS Undergraduate Education
    • SAS Dean's Office

    URL: Course Catalog System

  • Dean's List Letter

    DESCRIPTION: Online Dean's List generation program. Upon student login, generates a dean's list letter in PDF format (if the student is on the dean's list) instead of a physical letter. Administrators are able to login and view the list of students.


    • SAS Academic Services

    URL: Dean's List Letter

  • Dismissal Form

    DESCRIPTION: Students dismissed from the School of Arts and Sciences by the Committee on Scholastic Standing can use this form to appeal the decision. Access to the form is granted by Academic Services because by this point th e student's NetID has been disabled; in addition to searching by name or RUID, the form can display a list of students who have been marked with a special topic ID in MyAdvisor. The form includes questions to answer, a rich text editor to write the appeal letter, and attachment uploading. Staff can then log in and manage the appeal decision. 


    • SAS Academic Services

    URL: Dismissal Form

  • Email Signature

    DESCRIPTION: The Email Signature application allows SAS employees to build their "approved" email signature easily from a template. User information is pre-populated from HR data and users can modify information and select which fields they'd like to include in their signature. Employees can also easily include an approved legal disclaimer at the bottom of their signature. Once generated, they can export in formats which can be used with various email programs.


    • All SAS employees

    URL: Email Signature

  • Graduate Tracking System

    DESCRIPTION: The tracking database aims to improve the visibility of graduate student data among all interested parties within SAS and in other units at Rutgers. There are 4 components to the system:

    • Graduate Student Offer package data collection and management.
    • Financial tracking and reporting on graduate student support throughout their career at RU.
    • Forecasting, reporting and analysis of financial, demographic and academic data on all doctorate level graduate students.
    • Electronic offer letter generation, archiving and management.


    • SAS Dean's Office
    • Graduate School NB
    • Some non-SAS areas

    URL: Graduate Tracking System

  • Graduation Awards

    DESCRIPTION: The Graduation Awards application is used by academic departments for tracking GRADUATING SENIOR students who are receiving departmental awards.


    • SAS Academic Departments

    URL: Graduation Awards

  • Honors Capstone

    DESCRIPTION: The Honors Capstone application is for used for Honors Program students to submit their Capstone Form. Faculty advisors and Honors office staff can review the submission.


    • SAS Honors Program

    URL: Honors Capstone

  • Honors Course Registration

    DESCRIPTION: This project eliminates the need for paper forms entirely. Students log-in to the site and are able to submit their course selections directly into our secure database. Parts of the form are automatically populated to help eliminate data entry errors. Administrators may then log-in and review the submitted course selections in a defined review process that the software manages. Data can then be exported for sending to the registrar. The student data is also automatically retained in the database for review at any time.


    • SAS Honors Program

    URL:Honors Course Registration

  • Honors Seminar Proposal

    DESCRIPTION: Faculty who wish to teach an Honors Course or Seminar can suggest it using this form. In addition to the major focus and content of the seminar or course, the faculty member can provide some basic logistical requests (preferred campus, day, time, enrollment limitations). Honors Program staff can then export the proposals in a spreadsheet.


    • SAS Honor's Program

    URLHonors Seminar Proposal

  • Insight

    DESCRIPTION:  The Insight system was created to provide everyone in the School of Arts and Sciences a portal through which data could be accessed and analyzed. The system will always be a work in progress with many more additional modules planned to continually expand the available capabilities.

    This initial release of the software synchronizes data from central systems once per day. Data that isn't available from the central systems will be maintained by the Dean's Office or the departments themselves. The system's ability to allow departments to maintain their own data is a key feature that helps ensure that everyone is working from the same data.

    An additional goal of Insight is to minimize the number of places where data will have to be managed. At present, if the Chair of the department changes, that information must be updated manually in several different locations. We are currently connecting the Insight system to the Joomla Content Management System, our Mailman Listserv system and to other software packages within the school. Once these connections are complete, departments will be able to have Insight automatically update their webpage, mailing lists, access permissions and any number of other sources of information by simply changing the information in Insight.

    For more information about Insight's capabilities and documentation on the use of the system, see the information below.

    View the Training Video.

    Please note you must have a Rutgers Box account in order to view this video.

    Sign up for a Rutgers Box account.

    Documentation:   Insight Documentation (pdf)


    • SAS Dean’s Office
    • SAS Faculty
    • SAS Staff

    URL: Insight

  • Invite System

    DESCRIPTION: This system allows users to manage an invitation list for an event. A single event can take place one or more times, and in the case of the latter the host can allow guests to RSVP or any or all of the sessions, or just one. The host can invite specific people or use a unique URL to allow guests to self-register. A host planning an event can also present several possible dates and ask prospective guests to vote on when it should take place.


    • SAS IT Office


    URL: Invite System

  • Mellon Fellowship

    DESCRIPTION: Application for managing student requests for Mellon Fellowships (both summer grants and dissertation fellowships). Includes faculty recommendation entry, department and select committee review, and reporting features.


    • SAS Dean's Office

    URL:  Mellon Fellowship

  • My Advisor

    DESCRIPTION: This application manages interactions between advisors and their students. Advisors can add action items and comments, students' and other users' access to which may be restricted. The system also links to the students' requests in MyMajor and any information in Senior Review. Advisors may access student records directly or search based on various criteria.


    • SAS Academic Services

    URL: My Advisor

  • MyMajor

    DESCRIPTION: MyMajor is a system designed to simplify the management of student's requests for changes in majors, minors and graduate dates. Through a customized web interface, students are able to login and view available majors and minors, read information about prerequisites and place requests to declare or change their majors or minors. In the same interface, students are also able to request a graduation date. For administrators, all student requests are placed into a "queue" that is color coded with full search & sort capability. Requests are individually approved or denied based on the criteria set for each major or minor. Departments are also able to login and approve or reject student requests for their departments.


    • SAS Academic Services
    • School of Environmental and Biological Sciences
    • All Departments

    URL: MyMajor

  • NTT Appointment System

    DESCRIPTION: This application manages the appointment and re-appointment of non-tenure track faculty at SAS. Includes functionality to generate letters and an extensive approval system allowing for complex workflows.


    • SAS Dean's Office

    URL: NTT Appointment System

  • Passport Event Registration System

    DESCRIPTION: There are several legacy systems for managing invitations to specific events. One is for the Students in Transition and Passport Seminars.


    • SAS Academic Services

    URL: Passport Event Registration System

  • Promotion Packet Repository

    DESCRIPTION: Application for upload and review of faculty promotion materials. Allows for PDF document uploads, sorting and compilation download features, and detailed review and commenting features.


    • SAS Personnel Office

    URL:Promotion Packet Repository

  • PTL/COAD Appointment System

    DESCRIPTION: Comprehensive app for requesting, reviewing, and approving departmental requests for part-time lecturers and coadjutants. Includes Personnel and Business Office review, generation and email of PDF offer letters, and prior appointment tracking and reporting.


    • SAS Personnel

    URL:PTL/COAD Appointment System

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