Joomla 4.x

Joomla 4.x

  • Faculty & Staff

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    The Faculty & Staff page includes links and pages which will assist faculty and staff. There are many resources listed on these pages. The main landing page includes specific links as well.

    • SAS Committees
    • Rutgers Resources
    • IT Services and Helpdesk
    • Staff Excellence Recognition Awards
    • Faculty and Staff (Minutes / Meetings)

    Faculty Staff HowToGuides

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  • Finding an Article (Joomla! 4)

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    Getting started

    If you have logged into the Joomla! Administrator , you can click on Content on the left hand dashboard, and then you can click Articles from the dropdown

    Artical in Joomla 4

     A list of all articles in the website will be displayed.

    Search by Article Title

    1. Enter part or all of the article title into the "Search" field, then press [Enter] or click the Search (magnifying glass) icon:

      Search Bar Joomla 4
    2. The list of articles will be narrowed down to articles with your search terms in the title.  For example, if you entered "Test" into the Search field, a list of all articles with "Test" in the article title will appear:

      Clear Joomla 4
    3. To start a new search, click the Clear button (see above).

    Search by Category:

    1. Click the Filter Options button:

      Filter Options Joomla 4
    2. Then, in the "- Select Category -" filter field, type or select the name of the category:

      Category Joomla 4

    3. The list of articles will be narrowed down to articles belonging to the category you selected:

      Screen Shot 2023 02 20 at 1.50.52 PM

    4. To start a new search, click the Clear button.

    Search by Content within Article

    1. In the "Search" field, enter the text "CONTENT:" followed by the text you want to search for within the content of an article.  For example, if you want to search for articles that contain "class" in the text, you would type "CONTENT:class", then press [Enter] or click the Search (magnifying glass) icon (see #1 below).
    2. The list of articles will be narrowed down to articles containing the text you typed after the word "CONTENT:" (see #2 below).
    3. To start a new search, click the Clear button (see #3 below):

      Screen Shot 2023 02 20 at 1.54.45 PM

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  • General Search

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    To find items on the site, click on the ‘search’ on the top right (or in the footer page).

    Top Right Search HowToGuides

    Footer Search HowToGuides

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  • Giving

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    The Giving Page includes all information that is needed to make donations to different departments and centers in the School of Arts and Sciences.

    • SAS Departments
    • Alumni and Friends
    • Give Now
    • Impact Stories
    • Areas of Greatest Need
    • Office of Development Staff

    Giving HowToGuides

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  • Global Check In (Joomla! 4)

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    This document explains how to "unlock ALL content" that may be in the process of editing something. However, not all users have access to this option.  

    An item can become 'locked', because someone is in the process of editing it, or they were editing it, and never hit 'cancel' or 'save', which means Joomla keeps the article locked.  The purpose of this is to prevent a Joomla article from being edited by multiple users at the same time.  It's a good idea to always check if someone is working on a specific article.  If you 'kick someone out' of editing, their changes may not be saved in the system.  We also recommend to frequently SAVE your work as you are working.  The last save will always be kept.

    1. Select Global Check-in under the System menu.
    2. Check off the items.
    3. Click the Check-in button.
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  • Hiding a Page Title (Joomla 4)

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    To hide an article title on an "Single article" menu item page, go to Menus and select the menu where the page lives (Main Menu, Footer Menu, etc).

    Click the menu item linking to the article, then click the Options tab (see #1 below). 

    Change the setting for Title to Hide (see #2 below). 

    Then click Save & Close (see #3 below).

    Screen Shot 2023 02 20 at 2.57.38 PM


    To hide a category title on a category blog menu item, go to Menus and select the menu where the menu item lives (Main Menu, Footer Menu, etc).

    Click the menu item linking to the category, then click the Options tab. 

    Change the setting for Show Title to Hide (see below). 

    Then click Save & Close

    Screen Shot 2023 02 20 at 3.01.24 PM

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  • Ignite Gallery Overview (Joomla! 4)

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    Ignite Gallery is an image gallery extension that has the following features:

    • Display responsive gallery with thumbnails only

      {igallery id=9966|cid=4|pid=2|type=category|children=0|addlinks=0|tags=|limit=0}

    • Display gallery as a ‘slideshow’ with a main image (with or without thumbnails)

      {igallery id=3976|cid=4|pid=3|type=category|children=0|addlinks=0|tags=|limit=0}

    • You can edit images from the gallery on the front-end (you do not need to login to administrator to manage galleries)
    • Galleries can be created within nested categories for easy display

    If Ignite Gallery is not installed on your website, please create a REQUEST to request that we install it for you.

    Next step:

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  • Introduction to Joomla! 4

  • Joomla! Administrator Login Overview (Joomla! 4)

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    A Joomla! website has a ‘back end’ and a ‘front end’.  The front end is the public view of the website, and also allows Joomla! users to log on and make some basic edits to the site.  The "back end" (Joomla! Administrator) gives you much more control of the website.

    1. Open a new tab in your browser by typing either [Ctrl]+T (Windows) or [CMD]+T (Mac), or by clicking the new browser tab option in your browser:
    2. newtabupdatedscreenshot
    3. Go to the main URL for the website to view the front end; for example:
    4. Open another new tab in your browser.
    5. To go to the Joomla! Administrator (back end), enter the URL for the website, followed by "/administrator" - for example:
    6. If you see a blue Login button, click it:

      Joomla! Administrator Login (with "Login" button)

    7. Then login to the Rutgers Central Authentication System with your NetID:Rutgers CAS login
    8. You will then see the "Control Panel," indicating that you are logged on to the Joomla! back end:

      Joomla! Control Panel 
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  • Joomla4 - Front End Editing

  • Leadership

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    This contains the Leaders of SAS with a bio about each person.

    Leadership HowToGuides

    Visit Juli Wade’s page to request an event request:

    Link to request an event request:

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  • Linking text to a file already uploaded to Media (Joomla! 4)

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    This document explains how to link text to a file that has already been uploaded to Media using JCE Editor Pro.

    If you would like to upload and link to a document at the same time, see: Uploading and linking to PDF files using JCE Editor.


    • First, upload the file using JCE File Browser (JCE Editor PRO)
    • Then, create or edit an article either in the front-end or the back-end
    • In the article text area, type the text that will be linked to the file
    • Highlight the text to be linked to the file
    • Click the Insert/Edit link button on the editing toolbar:

      Insert/Edit Link
    • Click the "Browse" button to the right of the URL field (see #1 below)

      Link dialog box: "Browse" button and "Popups" tab
    • Browse the folder list to the left, then find the file that you uploaded earlier
    • Click once on the name of the file you want to link to
    • Click Insert to the lower right
    • Recommended: Click the "Popups" tab (see #2 above)
      • For "Popup Type" select "JCE MediaBox Popups" (see #1 below)
      • Enter a title for the document in the "Title" field (see #2 below)
      • Click Insert to the lower right (see #3 below)

        "Insert/Edit Link" dialog: "Popups" tab options
    • Click Insert again
    • Click Save & Close
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  • Linking to DocMan Documents (Joomla! 4)

    This procedure explains how to create links to DOCman documents within articles, on web sites using the SAS Content Management System (CMS; Joomla! 4.x).

    Linking to Documents:

    • Edit the article in which you want to create the link to the DocMan document (see: Editing Articles (Joomla! 3.x, front-end) - Basic Editing)
    • Click the "Document" button below the text area:

      Screenshot 2023 06 15 at 12.20.49 PM

    • A popup window will appear.  Under "Menu Items and categories" on the left, click on the category containing the document you want to link to: (see #1 below).
    • Click on the name of the document you want to link to (see #2 below).
    • If the link text should differ from the document name, edit the text in the File name field on the right (see #3 below).
    • Click Insert document link (see #4 below).

      Screenshot 2023 06 20 at 11.59.32 AM
    • A link to the document will appear in your article.
    • Click the Saveicon in the upper left corner of the page: Screenshot_2023-06-15_at_12.26.10_PM.png

      or click Save & Close to save your changes and close the article: Screenshot_2023-06-15_at_12.26.28_PM.png
  • Listing DOCman Documents within an Article (Joomla! 4)


    You can display a list of documents from the same category within an article. The list will automatically update as new documents are added to the category.

    Create "DOCman - Documents" module

    1. Go to Extensions > Modules
    2. Click the green New button to the upper left
    3. Select DOCMan - Documents
    4. Enter the Title for your module (see #1 below)
    5. Click within the Categories field and select your DOCMan category (see #2 below)
    6. Click Save & Close to the upper left (see #3 below)

    Screenshot 2023 06 15 at 3.00.22 PM

    Embed the "DOCman - Documents" module in an article

    1. In the Joomla! Administrator page, click Content > Articles
    2. Find and click on your article you want your list of documents in
    3. Click at where you want your list to display, and then click the Module button below the content area (third button from the left)
    4. In the - Select Type - dropdown menu, select "DOCMan - Documents"
    5. Click on the ID number of the new module you created
    6. Click Save & Close icon to the upper left to save your article
    7. Your article will now display a list of all the documents in your selected DOCMan Category
  • Lists: Creating and Formatting Lists (Joomla! 4)

    • How to video:
    1. Begin by typing the items in your list, and typing [Enter] after each item.  The [Enter] key creates a paragraph (<p>) in your article. This leaves a blank line in between each item (see #1 below):

    2. Highlight all the items on your list, then click the "Unordered List" button on the toolbar (see #2 below):

    3. Your items will appear as a bulleted list (see #3 below):

    Creating a list
    1. Place items with a <p> in between each one. 2. Highlight Items. Click on Unordered List. 3. List is complete. <p> </p>

    Alternately, you can click on the "Ordered list" button (found directly to the left of the "Unordered List" button on the toolbar) to make the list ‘numbered’ instead of bulleted (unordered list).

    To display the list with different shading for alternate lines, you can select the "Striped List" style as follows:

    1. Highlight your list
    2. Select "striped-list" from the "Styles" dropdown menu (see below):
    3. Your list will be "striped" with different background colors for odd and even rows (note: this is not viewable in Editor Mode):
    Creating striped lists
    1. Select all of the bulleted items 2. Click on Styles. 3. Select Striped-list 4. Preview
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  • Managing Event Categories (JEvents) (Joomla! 4)

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    You can group events into categories in JEvents the same way you can group articles into categories.  Creating categories for similar types of events (such as "Conferences," "Lectures," "Meetings," and "Symposia") allows you to create modules or menu items that display events from one or more categories.

    Creating a Category

    • Log on to your site using the Administrator Login.
    • Go to "Components > JEvents":

      JEvents Add
    • At the JEvents Dashboard, hover the mouse over the left sidebar (or top menu, if the left sidebar does not appear), then select MANAGE CATEGORIES
      • JEvents left sidebar (larger browser sizes):

        JEvents 3.6.x: Manage Categories

      • Top menu (smaller browser sizes):

        JEvents: Manage Categories
    • Click New to create a new category: JEvents 3.6.: Manage Events "NEW" icon
    • Enter a title for your category in the "Title" field (see #1 below)
    • If your category should be a subcategory of an existing JEvents category, select the existing category from the "Parent" dropdown menu (see #2 below)
    • Choose a color for your category (optional):
      • Click Options (see #3 below)
      • Click in “Choose Colour” and use the color picker to select a color
    • When done, click SAVE & CLOSE (see #4 below)
      Creating a new category in JEvents
    • You can now select your new category when creating or editing an event.
    • You can also select your category when creating a JEvents module or menu item.  The module or menu item will only show events from the selected category or categories.

    Deleting a Category

    Before deleting a category, all events within the category must be deleted and emptied from the trash.

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  • Moving a Menu Item (Joomla! 4)

    To move a menu item

    Scenario: move "test items" from Playground to Lessons

    Moving a Menu Item

    1. In the Joomla! administrator for your website, go to Menus and select the menu containing the menu item that needs moving.
    2.  mainmenu
    3. Click on the title of the menu item you would like to move:
    4. (Optional) Change the Menu to move your menu item to a different menu (see #1 below).
    5. Change the Parent Item to display your menu item underneath another menu item (see #2 below). 


    6. When done, click Save & Close at the top.  Your menu item will now be displayed in its new location.

      Menu Item moved
  • News

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    News is displayed on this page in different categories of news items. The first page is called the Newsroom Landing Page, which will have a mix of different news items depending on the tag selected for them.


    News HowToGuides

    • Alumni - This section contains news about primarily Alumni.
    • Faculty – Faculty news items
    • Students – News items about students
    • Research – News items with information about Research
    • Achievements – News items that go across the board but relate to Achievements.
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  • Office of Alumni and Events

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    Office Of Alumni Events HowToGuides

    This area of the site you can find out about different Alumni Events, how to plan an event (including important checklists) and find School of Arts and Sciences Exhibit Kit details.

    • Contacts
    • Planning an Event
    • School of Arts and Sciences Exhibit Kit
    • News Digest: Submit Upcoming Events
    • Executive Dean’s Event Request

    Additionally, if you would like to request an event with our Executive Dean, please click on this link:

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  • Office of Communications and Marketing

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    The Office of Communications and Marketing page has information about the Rutgers and SAS Visual Identity and Branding and the News Digest. Please visit this area to answer all your communications questions.

    Office Of Communications Marketing

    Branding / Visual Identity Section


    Through this page it is possible to download:

    • The new R Logo with School of Arts and Sciences Tagline
    • SAS PowerPoint Templates
    • Stationary Templates
    • Virtual Backgrounds – that can be used for Zoom meetings
    • Business Cards and Swag

    Create new SAS email signature:

    Request a new Signature Logo for your department or unit:

    When requesting a signature logo for your department or unit please ensure you are requesting the Horizontal Option 1 version.

    Submit to News Digest


    To submit a news item or event to our News Digest, which is distributed to RU colleagues, faculty, staff, and other community members of the School of Arts and Sciences every Thursday.

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