SAS-Invite System

SAS-Invite System

  • Host an Event

    DESCRIPTION: This system allows users to manage an invitation list for an event. A single event can take place one or more times, and in the case of the latter the host can allow guests to RSVP or any or all of the sessions, or just one. The host can invite specific people or use a unique URL to allow guests to self-register. A host planning an event can also present several possible dates and ask prospective guests to vote on when it should take place.

    1. Please visit to access the SAS hosting system
    2. From here click on the button that says "Host an Event"
    3. From here you can click on the button in the top right hand side that reads "Create a New Event"
    4. Now you will be directed to a page that prompts you to select the type of event that you would like to host.
    5. From here you can type in the details of your event and then press the save button at the end of the page.
    6. Now you will be directed to a page where you will receive a custom URL to advertise your event!
  • Opening Page Options

    When logged into: you can create a landing page for all of your events.

    1. Click on the button that says "Create a New Landing Page"
    2. From here you can add the information you would like to be displayed to your Landing Page and then press the "Save" button at the bottom
    3. Now you will be able to see your newly created Landing Page under "My Landing Pages"
  • Types of Page Samples

    If you would like to learn how to create a Landing Page please refer to Opening Page Options. This documentation goes over the different types of landing pages.

    Landing Page

    This page allows you to have a ‘landing page’ for multiple events (prior to them occurring). You can select which events you want to appear on a specific landing page. For example if you have specific seminars in a specific grouping, they can be grouped together here.

    Event Page

    These ‘event pages’ are for specific classes/Events

    Sample Event Page: