In Joomla!, files such as PDFs and images (jpg, png, etc) are all stored in the "images" directory.  The exception is for files uploaded using a third-party document management extension such as DOCman.  These extensions have their own folder structure within the Joomla! website.

There are multiple ways to upload these files; follow the appropriate links below.

Uploading files to the "images" folder

The Media Manager in Joomla! and JCE Editor Pro both allow you to upload files to the "images" folder.

Media - for image files (gif, jpg, png, etc).

JCE Editor File Browser - for PDF files

Uploading files with third-party extensions

DOCman, Ignite Gallery, and JEvents are all examples of third-party extensions that allow you to upload files to Joomla!.  The files are stored by the respective components within their own file structures, not the "images" folder.


Ignite Gallery